1. What will my job be at HAUSER PARTNERS?

Of course, that depends a lot on your experience. Beginners usually start with legal research and drafting simple contracts. Graduates with a little more experience will very soon be given independent responsibility for individual files or projects.

2. Will I be used alone or in a team?

That depends primarily on the project: you research legal issues independently, for larger projects we form teams in which the lawyers support each other.

3. Does the law firm support my training?

Of course, HAUSER PARTNERS will pay for the AWAK seminars that are required for the bar exam. HAUSER PARTNERS lawyers take a lot of time to discuss drafts with their trainees. In addition, an employee assessment meeting takes place at regular intervals, in which positive developments and areas that can be improved are discussed with our lawyers.

4. What are the advantages of HAUSER PARTNERS over other law firms?

HAUSER PARTNERS is proud to combine the positive aspects of smaller and larger law firms in a unique way.

On the one hand, design engineers have the advantage of short communication channels to all partners and an organization that is not hierarchically structured. With us, the partners take time personally for each employee!

On the other hand, with us you have the opportunity to work on extremely interesting cases that normally only occur in very large law firms. Our clients are large corporations, well-known international law firms and multinational financial institutions.

We are convinced that working at HAUSER PARTNERS has many advantages over working in a large law firm. We would like to explain to you personally what these are.